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Our equipment sales and equipment leasing businesses include the sale and leasing of rigging equipment such as drill lines, pendant wires, shackles, cable-laid slings, crane hoist ropes and related fittings and the sale of oilfield equipment.


Our rigging services consist of the lifting and securing of a wide range of equipment, machinery, vessels and other objects, either onshore or offshore, including the lifting of heavy production equipment and structures onto oil and gas platforms and the sea-fastening of cargo or the towing of vessels for transportation. We generally provide all the rigging equipment required in these lifting operations. We also provide rigging services, which include inspection, load testing and spooling and termination of steel wire rope.


To provide true global coverage, every Franklin Offshore facility produces wire rope slings and terminations for offshore use. Using hydraulic wire rope presses that apply from 50 to 3,000 tonnes of pressure on wire rope from 3mm to 114mm in diameter to satisfy customer requirements. These capabilities are supported by our array of horizontal test beds. To ensure maximum product integrity, tests can range from 50 to 2,300 tonnes.


In addition, each facility maintains a huge inventory of wire rope, spooling equipment, turntables, and advanced wire rope handling systems.

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